Julie Beckwith

Julie Beckwith

Welcome to my website

Thanks for being here, and it truly is an honour and pleasure to have the chance to share with you a unique and divine pathway to your healing and ascension.


Have you been diagnosed with a serious illness that has put you in a state of fear, feeling lost and alone and having no one to turn to?


Do you feel completely overwhelmed with all of your emotions and the uncertainty of not knowing the outcome?


I am a Practitioner & Teacher of Transference Healing®, a healing modality that utilises high frequency energy healing to bring about wellness, change and transformation in all areas of life. 


And I’ve been where you are, I know how it feels to be diagnosed with a life threatening illness, the devastation, fear and lack of control of the outcome.


I’d love to help you to feel a deeper sense of self-love and balance, and to birth a whole new way of being with yourself, a new way of caring for yourself to create wellness.  


This journey is  not for everyone, and not an easy path, but self healing IS possible.  I’ve done it myself.


I can help you to overcome issues of low self-worth and self-judgement, and enable you to become more confident and empowered, standing tall in the world.  I can support you to go through a deeper opening of your heart chakra, to portray more love and compassion for yourself and others, to connect more to your emotions, releasing suppressed emotional and karmic pain, which has held you back from being your true self. 


Through the healings, and activating alchemy on a cellular level within you, your change and transformation occurs from within, you literally can move from one state of being to another, embodying more love and light which then radiates out into the World, reflecting in your everyday reality and the people around you.  Eventually, a higher state of consciousness is reached helping with your healing and wellness.


Come journey with me and explore your true and unique authentic self, embracing love, light, balance and wellness. 


In deepest gratitude, I would be delighted to assist you in your healing journey.

Julie xxx

PS.  Working with me can greatly change the course of your healing journey and ultimately support your recovery; of course I can’t guarantee a cure, but I can guide you in a path that helps you to feel you are doing your best to enhance your recovery to wellness, to build a new way of life.   


Please email me here to request a free 30 minute call, to get a plan to learn how you can begin to self heal with me….