Julie Beckwith

Julie Beckwith

About Me

Allow me to share my personal journey with you and the way Transference Healing® has changed and transformed my life, creating more wellness, helping me to become a more empowered and confident individual.  It has been an ongoing quest to be where I am now and the love, joy and peace I now feel and experience, is beyond measure.

I first came face to face with a health crisis in 1988.  Summoning the courage to leave an unhappy marriage where I lost my identity and self-confidence, I found the strength and courage to leave the relationship, packed my bags and left with my 2 year old son.  Issues around victimhood, low self-worth and failure immediately came up for me which I found too painful to deal with.  Instead of confronting the emotions in the moment I suppressed the pain deep inside of me.

After 5 years of not being able to feel the pain of my internal emotions, I came face to face with a health crisis and in 1988 at the age of thirty, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. After undergoing medical treatment and surgery and having just completed a course in radiotherapy, I was called in by my local GP to be given the devastating news that I had now been diagnosed with cervical cancer.  This resulted in me having to undergo a hysterectomy. 

It was a lot to take in, to have my womb taken away at such a young age and not be able to have any more children.  Counting my blessings in having my beautiful son in my life, I found the inner strength to carry on.

I found life demanding.  The pressure and responsibility of being a single Mum was stressful and overwhelming.  Holding down 2 jobs, my energy levels became severely depleted and in 1999 the breast cancer recurred which resulted in having a mastectomy.  It was a point in my life when I was brought to my knees.  I was numb inside, and I almost gave up.  Realising I had to live on for my son’s sake, I somehow summoned an inner strength which I never knew I had, that helped me through this chapter of my life. 

This Was My Wake-Up Call 

I realised that after having cancer 3 times, there was something I wasn’t grasping, something that I was missing and if I didn’t find the answers to what I was searching for, I wouldn’t be around on this Earth plane for much longer.  After this realisation, I went in search of alternative methods of healing, trying various different complementary therapies but there was something not being addressed.  My physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs weren’t being met in totality.  That is, until I came across Transference Healing®, in 2005, which over the years, has completely transformed my life.

Transference Healing works on all levels, the physical emotional, mental and spiritual levels, working in a unified way through all planes.  Receiving the high frequency energy, and the light, created rapid change and transformation within my mind, my body and then in my reality. 

Through this incredible healing journey, it opened me up to a pathway of ‘self-healing’ and over time, self-love.  As I look back now, my life and my well being is almost unrecognisable.

My Two Passions

One is running healings and energy on myself and others. 

My second passion is visiting sacred sites. I have always loved travelling ever since I was a child, going on holidays abroad with my family.  This is what cultivated my desire for adventure and exploring different places and cultures. 

However, as I started along the path towards my spiritual journey, travelling to sacred sites around the world has become quite a passion.  When I visit sacred land, not only do I feel a deep connection with the elementals and Nature but I connect to the electromagnetic frequency of the land, where the dragon lines cross.  This energy feels like nectar to my Soul which revitalises and re-energises me, bringing through more peace and wellness into my body, mind and Soul.


My life’s journey has been a pathway of self-discovery and healing and it is my wish to offer inspiration and hope to others who are encountering similar experiences in their lives.  This is part of my life story that hopefully demonstrates what can be possible and the resulting transformation.  What can be achieved by delving into, acknowledging and accepting the shadow aspects of ourselves, the shame, the guilt, the self-loathing, and bringing through forgiveness and self-love, helping us to become more whole and complete.  Changing our lives from within in order to create a new sense of self and a new reality.  Moving from the darkest depths within and shifting into the light. 

It is my deepest desire to offer healing support to others, utilising my own self-healing journey and my passions of walking the land and running healings and energy on myself and others.

Feeling deep love and gratitude as my journey to a healthy, happy and fulfilling life continues.

Love Julie