Julie Beckwith

Julie Beckwith

The Technology of Light - Disease as a Wake up call to Heal

Dis-ease manifests firstly, as energy blocks in our etheric body (the energetic field surrounding the body).  If these distortions are not cleared, they will eventually filter through into the cellular levels of the physical body, creating dis-ease.   

I feel it’s vital that we honour and become more in tune with our physical body.  When the body is not at ease, eventually a state of dis-ease is created.  At this stage the body isn’t happy and painful symptoms may be experienced.  Our reserve of energy is accessed and activated when we are depleted or ill.  However, sometimes we use up this reserve of energy so there’s very little left for the body to function at its optimum level.  The body is unable to replenish itself causing dis-ease within.  When we are energetically depleted we become deficient in electromagnetic light, and sometimes in severe cases cancer may form.   

Dis-ease lodges itself through many planes of the body; the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.  Each circumstance is unique, and each person co-creates wellness or dis-ease through their own unique set of circumstances.  But, lets take a very general look at  circumstances of how we could leak our energy and/or create dis-ease through the various planes of the body:

  • Physical plane:  Sometimes, our lives are out of balance and we can push our bodies to the absolute limit such as working long hours with very little rest.  It could be a genetic distortion that has manifested in the physical, or past life pain from a previous incarnation that is being experienced in this lifetime.

  • Emotional Plane:  This could stem from unresolved karmic or emotional issues.  Such as deep, suppressed emotional pain from a childhood trauma or abuse.  It could be from feelings of grief such as a bereavement or an unresolved relationship from the past where the heart has been shut down.

  • Mental Plane: It could be from constantly worrying about life, mulling things over in the mental plane, creating stress and anxiety.  Depletion in the power centre from the Solar Plexus area can occur through consistent confrontations or conflicts with others.  Feelings of disempowerment or being in a state of victimhood may be experienced creating low self-worth issues and self-judgement.

  • Spiritual plane:  Negative thoughts and emotions can cause blockages in our higher chakras, holding back our potential and inhibiting such things as: creativity and self-expression, absorbing Universal Light into the body, accessing our spiritual gifts and talents, preventing us from being our true, authentic selves.

How we Heal Holistically

Working with frequency healing works with our energetic fields in order to shift density that’s lodged within our being, from all planes, so that dis-ease is released and light can be integrated. 

Transference Healing® is a seventh dimensional frequency-healing modality that uses elements, sound, colour, alchemy and light to work with the deep levels of our etheric patterning.  It heals deep emotional wounding assisting the heart to open on a deeper level bringing through feelings of self-love.  Genetic weaknesses are released and karmic restriction is cleared from our energetic fields and body.  An alchemical change is created within, leading to change and transformation, shifting us to higher levels of frequency and consciousness, as we come into a state of health, balance and wellness.  This ripples out into to our everyday reality co-creating peace, love, joy and oneness.


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