Julie Beckwith

Julie Beckwith

Walk with Me

Come walk with me and embrace a healing journey through the land of Avalon.  A land full of mysticism and magic, of Arthurian legend and the Goddess.  Often referred to as the heart chakra of the world, it is here we can access a deeper healing of the heart and Soul.  This ancient and sacred land of Avalon/Glastonbury is awaiting to be explored and experienced by you, the modern day pilgrim, following the footsteps of pilgrims past throughout the ages.


Visiting the sacred sites, of which there are many in this South West corner of the UK, is a deep passion of mine.  There is magic in the earth and in the air in this beautiful, green land of Glastonbury/Avalon. A connection to Mother Gaia and Nature, the Dragon (ley) lines and the Global Grid Matrix are sensed by treading this ancient land of our ancestors.

Sacred Sites

Throughout time, ancient civilisations, as well as the indigenous cultures of today, had an innate knowing and connection to Mother Gaia and her nature Kingdoms.  They were in tune with Nature’s cycles and seasons as well the Earth and Cosmic frequencies in the form of ley lines of light creating a grid network that weaves within and around our planet Earth.  This network of ley lines is known as the Global Grid Matrix.  Our Ancestors were aware of their magic, and knew that a powerful, healing vortex of electromagnetic energy is created at special locations where these energy lines intersect each other. Ancient cultures built their sacred sites and temples of worship in these spots, especially to attune into the powerful energies to heal their body, mind and Soul.  They knew that these gridline connection points were portals to other worlds and a place where they could access and receive coding, into the Lightbody from the Stars and Higher Realms.

Each sacred site of Glastonbury is unique in the way its frequencies can heal, resource and support you. By choosing to ‘walk with me’, you will visit a beautiful area of Glastonbury to experience a sense of revitalisation and absorb the electromagnetic/Cosmic frequency, through the Grid itself at the site.


Walking on Sacred Land

Walking on sacred land is also one of my passions.  I love to feel the magic of the land, which to me is through receiving the electromagnetic frequencies, that feeds my cells and sub-atomic structure, nourishing my Soul, connecting me with ‘all that there is’, thereby feeling oneness with the Earth and the Cosmos.  Being fully in my heart as I walk the sacred land, helps me connect to the joy and freedom of life, feeling alive and living in the present moment, feeling more vibrant and experiencing a state of wellness.

Walk with me and connect to the sacred sites and you too will experience a deeper connection to nature, helping you to re-vitalise deep within, and feel a sense of vibrancy, feel a sense of joy in your soul and a sense of wellness.      


‘Walk With Me’  & Healing Package, £99

Let me guide you on this sacred land, to open up to feel freedom and expansion, enhancing your capacity to be receptive to all the gifts and blessings that are sent your way.  Open up to attract more positive things into your life and world.

You will receive:

**One to One in-depth Transference Healing®, with phone call

This is scheduled for the evening before our walk, and the healing will determine which sacred site will be the most appropriate for your walk, to enhance your healing journey. 

**Walk on a specific Sacred site

The following day, we will arrange to meet at a central location in Glastonbury where we will walk or drive to the sacred site.

**Guided Meditation at Sacred site

You will experience the deeper transformational energies of the sacred site through a guided meditation, connecting to the dragon ley lines of the Global Grid Matrix.  Here you will have inner quiet time to access the light and frequencies and enjoy your own personal connection.

**Dragon Power Grid

We will complete with the ‘Dragon Power Grid’, a Transference Healing® gridding procedure to connect to the ley lines, to bring through the electromagnetic frequency in a more concentrated format, to experience the feelings of light in the body, and for some to go into a state of bliss.  This ancient way of working with crystals as part of the Dragon Power grid helps us to experience a new connection to the Universe, for some they will re-unite with their star connections and any ancient star lineage.  For others, this re-unites them to the elemental energies and the crystalline frequencies of the earth.

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